Supported Employment

woman wearing costumeWe have an Employment Specialist in both Fulton and Gwinnett Counties.

Our goal is to find employment for our people, in their area of interest, in the area they live while keeping their abilities in mind. We provide ongoing job coaching when necessary.

We provide an open line of communication with our clients’ employers and work with them to develop and track work-area goals. We will train our people (if needed) at no expense to the employer and assist them with understanding and filling out the necessary paperwork. We also provide transportation to and from work.

All consumers are required to attend at least 3 Job Skills Classes before employment search will begin. This class is offered on Wednesdays at the “Just” People Office from 1 PM to 3 PM.

Cost is included for Waivers and Private Pay Independent Living Consumers Transportation Cost depends on work schedule: Either $4.00 a Trip or Unlimited Trips Per Month Card is $150.00.

Our people work all over the community:

Kroger, Publix, Wal-Mart, Emory University, Pets Mart, Hotels, TJ Maxx, Target, Just Boxes, North Fulton Hospital, National Forestry Service, Old Navy, etc.