Social Program

group of people smiling

This program was developed to:

  • Give the population an opportunity to experience the things every person needs to be happy in life
  • As a tool to help with teaching appropriate behaviors in the community
  • To help this population understand why it is important to work
  • Help coordinate activities with friends
  • And just a way to have fun and get out of the house

The Social Program offers activities every weekend. The Social Program may have 6 up to 12 or more activities a month. Beside the weekends the social program goes Bowling twice a month in the evening and every Friday Night there are Movies shown on both Independent Living Properties. The activities are determined by the time of year, the groups’ interest and what is going on in the community. Cost is determined by the ticket cost, drivers needed, distance and time. Outings can be 4 hours up to the whole weekend.

“Just” People offers at least 2 weekend trips a year and one vacation a year that can be 7 to 14 days. We have found the most independent trips are those on cruise ships. “Just” People has been on 18 cruises in 20 years.

Cost for these trips is announced several months in advance to give consumers and family’s time to manage this expense. The general cost of the Cruise is between $2000 and $3000.

“Just” People has been very fortunate as the community has opened its arms to this population and many tickets to events and entrance cost have been donated to make it possible for people with limited or fixed incomes to attend.

Service Fee is determined by the number of activities you attend in a month, plus the cost of the activity. A Monthly Newsletter goes out with all activities listed for the upcoming month as well as the time and cost of the activities. RSVP’s are required to make sure we have enough tickets and or seat on the buses.

Below is just a small idea of some of the activities “JP” attends:

Six Flags, Rendezvous, Movies, Bowling, Parks, Special Olympics, Mall, Churches, Local Fairs, etc. We have traveled to Alaska, Hawaii, Jamaica, Florida, Tenn., North Carolina, Seattle, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and we are planning to go to the Panama Canal Zone next fall. All of these things give our people daily opportunities to mainstream in the community.

For information about the Social Program call the “Just” People Office at 770-441-1188.