group of peopleCommunity Living
The program provides a variety of social activities and independent living assistance to developmentally disabled adults and the mentally ill to encourage full participation in the life of the community and to enhance their independent living skills.

Independent Living
We work as a team to develop individual plans to meet each person’s abilities and family needs. Fees are based on that service plan. We assist in obtaining quality living space and selection of roommates when needed in Fulton, HALL and Gwinnett counties.

Day Program
The Day Program was developed to assist individuals who did not work or still lived with family to have a place to go during the weekdays and be among friends, learn skills to help them move forward, and to have the opportunity to go out into the community. It is open to people in the ILP of “Just” People, people who live in group homes with other programs and people who still live with family.

Supported Employment
Our goal is to find employment for our people, in their area of interest and in the area they live while keeping their abilities in mind. We provide ongoing job coaching when necessary.

Social Program
The Social Program offers activities every weekend and may have 6 up to 12 or more activities a month. Beside the weekends, the social program goes Bowling twice a month in the evening and every Friday Night, there are Movies shown on both Independent Living Properties.

Sports Programs
The Just People sports program was started to meet the demand of our consumers wanting to participate in recreational sports activities. We started in 2000 with one softball team but have grown to over 100 clients participating in events and leagues throughout the year.

Thrift Store “Just” Stuff
The store currently employs 8 individuals. Just Stuff is a thrift store comprised of furniture, clothing, toys, and household items that are sold to the general public. Schedule a pick up 770-441-1188.