A group of individualsDefinition of home:

A place you live with family or friends, a place you feel safe, loved, and accepted no matter what.


“Just” People has partnered with Beckel Inc. a property management company that understands the needs of people with limited income who are developmentally disabled, mentally ill, or have a head injury, to need their own home. Beckel works with the consumers to provide safe, friendly, affordable housing with leases in their names at 2 locations.

Both apartment complexes are just that apartment complexes and both complexes are staffed by “Just” People employees 24 hours a day. The consumers that live on these properties work, socialize, and shop in their communities.

village landscapeThe Just People Village

This complex is a 56-unit gated community. There are 3 one bedrooms, 3 three bedrooms, 48 two bedrooms, and a directors unit. Each bedroom has its own bathroom with a living room, kitchen, and eat in the dining area. The units have large porches, washer/dryers, and plenty of storage space. The property has a large clubhouse, a swimming pool, basketball goals, and a front porch full of rocking chairs that the individuals use often.

What’s next?

Beckel has secured 22 acres in Flowery Branch, GA (Hall County) to begin an innovative new project. As our population ages, there are limited opportunities for integrated housing for them. Beckel will be constructing a safe, secure residential setting for the “aging” group, as well as 2 large apartment buildings for new members! We are planning to make this community unique and are hopeful that our members become active community members within the surrounding area!

A picture of a houseThe Village of Flowery Branch

This innovative, new project consists of 22 acres of housing opportunity. The complex boasts 84 units, an office, a coffee shop, walk paths, a covered picnic area, 2 outdoor fire pits, and a meal plan all within a gated community. There are 8 one-bedrooms, 4 three-bedrooms, and 52 two-bedroom apartments all with their own bathrooms. Every apartment has a porch, a full kitchen, a storage space, large closets, a washer and dryers, and stainless steel appliances.

Additionally, there is a 20-unit continued care building for our aging population to receive the specific services they need to continue to live with their friends as independently as possible. A Hall County Police Officer is also living on the property.

Please contact Kyle to schedule a tour at 678-598-2080 or kivey@beckelinc.org.

A mini mapDirections:
From Atlanta: Take 85 North to 985. Take exit 12, go left. Follow through traffic lights, across RR tracks, and through roundabout until you reach McEver Rd. Turn right on McEver Rd., then left on Radford. You can find the complex on the left.

From Gainesville: Take 985 South to exit 12 then turn right. Follow to McEver Rd. Turn right on McEver Rd., then left on Radford, You can find the complex on the left.

What’s next?

We are hoping to secure grants and donations to build a full-sized gymnasium for the Hall property.

We provide, together with Beckel, a state-of-the-art and very unique housing opportunity for individuals to feel safe and secure while building strong community relationships. This is to promote our elders to become active members of the community.