Covid-19 Update

July 8th

The re-opening of our day program has been moved to June 15, 2020.
We are super excited to be opening back up on June 15th. A coupleof things:

  1. We will be outside to take temps before you get out of your car. Please be patient and wait for a staff member to assess you.
  2. Temps of 99 or higher will not be permitted into the building.
  3. Masks are required−e are taking outdoor mask breaks throughout the day.
  4. We are limited to 80 people per day−we only have space to assist 80 with social distancing. So, if we are full and you are late, you will have to wait to return until the next day.
  5. We are not doing any pickups. You can be dropped off at Hall, Roswell, or the Norcross Office.
  6. We will not be taking any field trips in June.
  7. We will do our best to help social distancing.
  8. Hand sanitizer will be located all over and accessible.
  9. We appreciate your patience

As of Today- April 14, 2020

  • On April 8th, we decided on all of our individuals to stop working in the community in order to try and keep our community safe and Corona-free. We are hopeful that as soon as this gets better, they can safely return to work.
  • Visitors are welcome to stand at the gate and their family member may visit at 6 feet apart on the opposite side of the gate.
  • Gifts, groceries, care packages, etc may be delivered to the gate and a staff person will receive and take them to the clients.
  • NO deliveries of any type are permitted past the gate.
  • Only 5 designated phone numbers are in the gate for entrance.
  • We have had 3 staff and 4 clients tested due to concerns- so far they are all negative.
  • Any staff person who has to go to a hospital or urgent care outside of taking a JP client cannot return to work for 14 days with a negative result.
  • Any staff person experiencing any symptoms may not return to work for 14 days with a negative result.
  • Numerous families and friends have paid for the pizza, chickfila, food from McDonalds, Boston market, etc for the group which is helping.
  • Numerous people have donated supplies to keep us busy.
  • The group is doing great- the staff members are doing well. We are going to get through this together!

march 18th

Hey everyone!

First I want to encourage you all to like Just People Inc on Facebook. We are doing live videos and updates multiple times throughout the day so this is a good opportunity for you to join in and see how things are going.

We want to update you on where we are now. So many of you have been wanting to drop off supplies, groceries, treats, etc. We have established a CORONA CARE PACKAGE bin on both properties for you to leave special things for your family members, friends, or for you to drop off Lysol, hand sanitizer, puzzles, cards, coloring books, etc. for everyone to use. We have lots of friends that have dropped off CORONA CARE PACKAGE items to my house and the bins so we are excited to deliver them to the group tomorrow.

We are still implementing our no-visitor policy for the safety of everyone. We are going to hold this policy for the full 15 days as requested by the National Government to help in slowing down the spread of the virus.

Becky has been self quarantined just in case (she took Big Kevin with her) and anyone over 65 has been asked to work from home for their safety unless their sanity is at work. All of the staff are taking extra precautions and the individuals are doing a great job. We have lots of small groups and individual activities taking place and our staff are doing daily phone checks beginning tomorrow in addition to the regular staff on property.

We are looking into ZOOM conferencing and other facetime type apps to encourage positive and safe interaction within the group but also following the 6 ft apart rule.

The St. Patrick’s Party will not happen on Saturday. The Day Program will remain closed this week and we will decide next week on Sunday.

Thank you again for all of your understanding. Hopefully, this road isn’t much longer but whatever bumps we hit or however long it may be, we are here for each other.

We can do this.
Kelli & The Admin Team

march 16th

Not trying to overwhelm you guys but we are just trying to make sure everyone gets the emails.

Thank you,

We have several families that are over 65 and have limited or nobody to bring them groceries, medicine, etc. If we can be of any help to get what you need and deliver it to you during this time to assist in minimizing interactions for you, please text, email or call Kelli and we will do our best to help out!

Kelli Ivey

Thank you!
JP Staff

march 16th


Please! Please! Please! We would like no visitors on the property!
Many of our individuals are at risk and many of our family members are too. We are trying to minimize the risk and keep your family members safe.

Maybe you feel like we are overreacting but please understand that we are doing this for the safety of everyone.

Thank you,

march 13th

To “Just” Families, Individuals and Friends,

We want you to feel confident in “Just People”. We are watching the coronavirus updates very closely and are doing what we can to protect our clients, staff, and other individuals from this virus. Here are the actions we have put into place:

  • We are asking you to limit visits with your family members.
  • If you have been in contact with anyone or you have traveled outside of the USA since Feb 15th, we are asking you to not visit or be on property at all until after April 1st-
  • All common areas including the day program are being sprayed and wiped down multiple times per day.
  • The Day Program is closed for the week of March 16-20 for heavy cleaning and to minimize large group interactions. We will continue to have events on each property only for those members currently in ILP.
  • All CAI has been canceled and CAI staff will be interacting with the individuals on the property only.
  • The Just Families meeting for March 15th has been postponed.
  • The St Patrick’s Day Party has been postponed to March 21st.
  • Buses are being sanitized daily.
  • Individuals have been instructed on proper handwashing techniques.
  • This week, before entering the JP Office, individuals must apply hand sanitizer and again before leaving; additionally, individuals are often asked throughout the day to apply again.
  • Meals will be served in to-go containers for those that are over 65.
  • Staff members will be going into the individuals’ apartments to help them clean and sanitize door handles, light switches, etc.
  • ISPs and Waiver assessments will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • All Respite, trial days and new intakes have been suspended until April 1.
  • We are stocked up on cleaning supplies and toilet paper.
  • We have a food plan in place if there is a food shortage.
  • If you are taking your family member to your house, they are not able to return for 14 days.
  • Staff from the day program will be assisting with both properties.
  • Grocery store, work and Dr. visits are the only transportation being provided.
  • Anyone who is reporting issues like sneezing, fever, sore throat, etc are being reported to their Drs and being taken to the dr as needed.
  • If there is a quarantine situation, we have a plan in place to protect the individuals the best that we can.

Thank you for encouraging each other!
We are taking this very seriously as we are aware that many of our individuals fall into the high-risk categories. If you have any questions (or find any Lysol anywhere), please call Kelli at 770-480-7511.

Thank you
The Just People Admin Team