The JP Staff

Diverse, Eccentric, Fun, Patient, Loving, Determined, Dedicated, Innovative, Amazing….
Most of the staff at Just People have been employed here for over 5 years!
They live, breathe and think Just People. What makes us different??
At the 1st introduction to the “Party Animal Group” the staff are given a choice to do a cartwheel, sing or dance.
Why? Because if we can get them to do something like that in front of 150 people, they are reminded that they can help the individuals try something new- think outside the box!
The JP Staff treat the individuals like family, like people. We believe in each individual! We are fortunate to have the opportunity to know each parent, family member, advocate and individual.

Our Staff

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[img src=]11700Founder, President, Director, Mom, Tie-dye Guru, Becky, Grandma...
Whatever you call her...she is the Brain child of Just People. Becky loves with her whole heart; treats each individual as her own. Becky is often found in the kitchen cooking a meal for 100+, driving a bus or sorting shirts for the new adventure. You name it...she does it!! Becky believes that nothing is unreachable- you believe can happen. After all...she came up with the slogan..."Be Proud of Who You Are!"
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