Letter from the Director

May 2019

Hi everyone! May is the month to celebrate Mother’s Day. I want to start by reminding everyone that you can thank any woman that has been like a mother to you. What is a mother? A person who loves you unconditionally, a person that is there for you when you are happy, sad, mad, sick, scared or lonely, a person that helps you with day to day things, or just someone you know that would be there if you needed them to! It can be a friend, grandma, aunt, sister, case manager, neighbor or mother. Most people don’t expect or need a gift, just a card or a thank you will do.

Fulton: The pool cover will come off this month. It will be shocked and hopefully the water will warm up for our first pool party which is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend. “Living on the porch” as they call it has doubled since the weather has improved. Thanks Doyle (a volunteer) for coming out and playing board and card games with the group several nights a week. Doyle is a great guy that met one of our individuals working at Home Depot several years ago and has been coming to the Village ever sense. We are doing a lot of cleaning up (pressure washing & painting) around Fulton right now, so please watch for cones or tape telling you to stay off certain areas till they dry.

Hall: Things are really going well out on the new property. The new individuals seem to really like being a part of the IL Program and the new staff seem to be very comfortable working with the group. The basketball goals is getting a lot of use, in fact, Kyle has already had to repair the hoop once. Many of the group are getting into riding bikes and walking around the paths. The new garden is almost complete, and we are excited about the Garden Club working in it this summer. Thanks to the Boy Scout who made this possible by picking us for his Eagle Scout Project.

Day Program: All I can say is OMG. We are almost at full compacity in the building. It is nothing to have 80-100 on an activity and cooking classes are getting harder and harder to have something for everyone in the class to do. We have several new staff in the day program now and 3 CDL Drivers so that has made a big difference. I am really proud of all the individuals getting involved in all the classes offered.

Special Olympic Spring/Summer Games are this month (May 17th, 18th & 19th) at Emory University and we have 81 athletes and 12 coaches participating. This event is free to watcher and a lot of fun. We look forward to families coming out to cheer their athlete on. Remember it’s not if you win or lose its how you play the game and treat your teammates and the other teams. We are very proud of you all and the hard work you all have put into practices. Good Luck to you all!

Cruise 2019: We have 60 individuals signed up which will require 12 staff leaving 8 openings for this years trip. Please get your deposit in so we can start giving names to the airlines and cruise line. This year we will have mostly 2 people cabins, yah! We will be spending a day & night in Ft. Lauderdale before getting on the ship. Anybody wanting to make a donation to the cruise to help some people go that otherwise could not would be greatly appreciated. Donation to help individuals are excepted.

Things coming up: Garage Sale (6-8), Family Picnic (date to be announced), Get acquainted and update meeting for new families at Hall (6-2), Cruise Meeting (8-27) AND Cruise (9/15-9/21)

Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms, grandmas, sisters, staff and just female.